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Response to the “Angry Asian Lawsuit”

After reading what has been happening with regards to Angry Little Asian Girl suing Angry Asian Man, I have learned quite a bit about the laws behind copyright, fair use, infringement, etc. I never thought that I would need to or want to know so much about these topics, because I do know the basics. … Continue reading

Henry Louis Gates, Jr.’s War of Words: Critical Race Theory and the First Amendment Reflection

In Henry Louis Gates, Jr.’s War of Words: Critical Race Theory and the First Amendment, Gates discusses three influential papers, along with a few other essays to make the case for the regulation of racist speech. He examines the First Amendment closely and uses examples of court cases that are clear representations of the points … Continue reading

Comcast and NBC

Comcast and NBC’s merger began in 2010 and was very significant because it meant that the 26 broadcast television networks would be under the control of Comcast, and entertainment, information and communications provider (video, high-speed internet and cable services). This merger caught the attention of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) because of all the antitrust … Continue reading

YouTube vs. Television

YouTube and television have many differences some being: user generated vs. not user generated, commissioned content vs. commissioned channels, money spent on advertising, amount of time spent watching, the amount of videos being produced, age groups, and shareable vs. watchable. Youtube is user generated while television is not; users decide what to watch and when … Continue reading

YouTube + Google = The Future

The article “Streaming Dreams: YouTube turns pro” by John Seabrook discusses YouTube and its future, mainly what Google is planning for YouTube. The main points that Seabrook discusses are the advertisements on homegrown YouTube stars’ videos, and audience niches and YouTube’s very own commissioned pieces of content. In Seabrooks discussion of advertising on YouTube, he … Continue reading

Race, Ethnicity and Me

Race and ethnicity are often times confused, but are not the same. Race is a socially defined category of people who share genetically transmitted physical characteristics, typically this is seen to be skin color, but things such as hair and eye color also effect into which race we are categorized. And ethnicity is people of … Continue reading

Plastic Barbie Minds

As girls grow up they see many different views and expectations of how to behave and live, an example of which is the movie “The Stepford Wives” (1975).  In “Mass-Produced Fantasies for Women”, Tania Modleski discusses how women are portrayed in the traditional sense within books and soap operas, while Lynn Spigel discusses the divide … Continue reading

Remixing Language

I think that this past weeks readings have been interesting, but I enjoyed the Grassroots Media reading by John Downing the most, as well as watching the Remix Manifesto. Personally the aspect of Downing’s speech about language really connected with me because being an international student I speak more than one language and have had … Continue reading

Technological Truths

After reading the news article “When Official Truth Collides with Cheap Digital Technology” on the New York Times website. I began to think about how many more cases there were before we had all the digital technology that we have now, where someone was falsely accused of doing something and getting punished for it, just … Continue reading

Black Friday is Correct

Black Friday is known for having extremely low prices and is a time that consumers go stir crazy for great deals, but how low are these prices in actuality. It is true that on Black Friday there seem to be some really great deals, but after a very insightful Thanksgiving dinner with some family friends; … Continue reading


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