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Social Analysis of ICTs

I.0 INTRODUCTION   The purpose of search personalization is to ensure that user experience is great and what you are looking for is found quickly. It is “where different users searching for the same terms may observe different results” (Hannak, 1), which is tailored “to a particular user based on that user’s interests and preferences” … Continue reading

Henry Louis Gates, Jr.’s War of Words: Critical Race Theory and the First Amendment Reflection

In Henry Louis Gates, Jr.’s War of Words: Critical Race Theory and the First Amendment, Gates discusses three influential papers, along with a few other essays to make the case for the regulation of racist speech. He examines the First Amendment closely and uses examples of court cases that are clear representations of the points … Continue reading

Broadcast Technology

Media channels are always changing and developing. Different industries use different channels of media to produce their products and to promote them. For the purpose of this paper, the media channel of broadcasting will be discussed and researched. The broadcasting industry has changed and within it, advertising and social media has also changed. Interviews with … Continue reading

Disruptive Technology and Amazon

In Ken Auletta’s book “Googled” he discusses, as the title says, Google, and the way that they have progressed, but also how they have created so called “disruptive technology”. By this Auletta is referring to the fact that they are creating new technologies/programs that are making older technologies obsolete. This brings up questions of our … Continue reading

The Sociological Imagination

Introduction American sociologist, Charles Wright Mills (C. Wright Mills) was concerned with the responsibilities of intellectuals in post-World War II society and most famously known for his book The Sociological Imagination, published in 1959. Mills was trying to reconcile two varying abstract conceptions of social reality – the “individual” and “society” – in his book, … Continue reading

Google’s Driverless Car

Introduction Google Inc., or commonly known as just Google, is an American multinational corporation that specializes in Internet-related services, products and technology. Some of which include a search engine, cloud computing, software and a large part of their income, online advertising technologies, mostly derived from AdWords. Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google while studying … Continue reading

Race, Ethnicity and Me

Race and ethnicity are often times confused, but are not the same. Race is a socially defined category of people who share genetically transmitted physical characteristics, typically this is seen to be skin color, but things such as hair and eye color also effect into which race we are categorized. And ethnicity is people of … Continue reading

Plastic Barbie Minds

As girls grow up they see many different views and expectations of how to behave and live, an example of which is the movie “The Stepford Wives” (1975).  In “Mass-Produced Fantasies for Women”, Tania Modleski discusses how women are portrayed in the traditional sense within books and soap operas, while Lynn Spigel discusses the divide … Continue reading

Breaking Social Norms – Deviance

Norms are a generally accepted way of doing things, so when something is not the we usually do things we immediately reject that thought, or action; we want to be within the norm to be socially accepted. Which is why deviance, an action that goes against a norm, is easily associated with rebels, or delinquents. … Continue reading

Changing Our Already Changing Brains

Technology has been evolving and advancing at an increasing rate. Ever since humans began to speak and develop a spoken language we have been evolving in order to adapt to our surroundings and to survive. Soon after developing language and script we were able to keep records of everything and print with the printing press. … Continue reading


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