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Dark Matter (2007) Thoughts

Dark Matter is a melodrama, directed by Shi-Zheng Chen, does force an emotional reaction from us as an audience. The use of music in the film is key to creating that emotional reaction from us, I actually really enjoyed the music. I think that it may have been one of my favorite aspects of the … Continue reading

Better Luck Tomorrow (2002) Thoughts

Better Luck Tomorrow directed by Justin Lin is a crime drama film about Asian Americans who become bored with their lives because they already are the best in most things in school. So they decide to join the criminal world. Beginning with relatively petty things like selling answers to tests and then moving to stealing computer … Continue reading

The Postcard (2007) Thoughts

I really enjoyed watching The Postcard by Josh Kim. It is a short so there isn’t really a lot of time to develop drawn out or developed characters, but you are able to get a grasp of the characters that are shown. At the post office, a handsome young man catches the attention of the two female … Continue reading

Yellow (1998) Thoughts

Yellow by Chris Chan Lee was interesting and different to what we are used to watching these days. The title already has a lot of meaning behind it because yellow can connect to fear (being ‘yellow-bellied’) and to having ‘yellow’ skin. Moving to the opening credits, there is strange opening music and it really sets … Continue reading

Response to the “Angry Asian Lawsuit”

After reading what has been happening with regards to Angry Little Asian Girl suing Angry Asian Man, I have learned quite a bit about the laws behind copyright, fair use, infringement, etc. I never thought that I would need to or want to know so much about these topics, because I do know the basics. … Continue reading

Wong Fu Productions Works

Wong Fu Productions is an American filmmaking group made up of Wesley Chan, Ted Fu and Philip Wang. I think they began creating shorts and music videos in 2004 and have since developed and grown as a group with their skills and styles. They have been featured at multiple film festivals and I think rightly … Continue reading

In The Mood For Love (2000) Thoughts

  In the Mood for Love is a Honk Kong film directed by Wong Kar-wai, starring Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung. It premiered at the 2000 Cannes Film Festival and was nominated for the Palme d’Or. The Palme d’Or is the highest prize awarded first introduced in 1955. The film takes place in 1962 Hong Kong. … Continue reading

Shopping for Fangs (1997) Thoughts

In Quentin Lee and Justin Lin’s film Shopping for Fangs we are introduced to a housewife Katherine who seems to have blackouts where she can’t remember where she was or what she did, the first thing she seems to loose is her cell phone and wallet. Trihn another character we are quickly introduced to is an outgoing … Continue reading

Academy Awards/ The Oscars

The Academy Awards or also commonly known as The Oscars come around every year and the news always has something to say about it. Often times overshadowing other more serious current events around the world. But what exactly are The Oscars? I would normally just say that it is some type of awards ceremony for … Continue reading


A quantifier puts a definite limit on something. It puts restrictions and limitations onto anything that we quantify. Pretty vague, I know, but it is what it is. We expect a certain thing to be limited or categorized in a way and when someone wants to include something in a certain category it is immediately disregarded … Continue reading


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