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Death of the Newscaster

Sarah Newell, Samantha Rainer, Scott Semple

The “Death of the Newscaster” is about the lack of seriousness in today’s newscasting, as the online community evolves. With new media, it is possible to remix and re-watch newscasts that show reporters being unprofessional and out of character. As well as allowing viewers to turn serious events into comical remixes. Hours can be spent watching and re-watching these videos, as well as having them re-posted and re-mixed just like the traditional types of art are re-produced and edited.


News Reader Cannot Stop Laughing at model falling over!

Posted by: SallyDaSizzle’s channel 

"If you think this is funny, have a look at this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAP-7k...
(don't worry its not spam, its a genuine video. Im not a tit) 

Anchors Lose It After Dumb Ryan Lochte Interview [FULL]

Posted by: Gakyoung Tube

"Anchors Lose It After Dumb Ryan Lochte Interview
Anchors Lose It After Dumb Ryan Lochte Interview
Anchors Lose It After Dumb Ryan Lochte Interview
The moment TV anchors break down in fits of laughter at Ryan Lochte's endearingly simple 
answers to their questions. A live TV interview with Ryan Lochte left a pair of morning news 
anchors doubled-over in tears after what could only be a new low for the star athlete.

The 11-time Olympic Medalist appeared live on Good Day Philly to advertise his new show, 
What Would Ryan Lochte Do?, before his inability with words caused both anchors to fall 
over in laughter.

The interview starts out simple and straight forward enough while discussing his new program.

'There's so much more to me than swimming,' he says of what his viewers will be treated to 
while watching his every-day life. 'I like to go and have fun, like to go dancing, hang out with 
my friends...'

But it soon became complicated as evident by a six second gap of silence when anchor Mike 
Jerrick asked him a question.

'If you were a woman, coming up to you, what would get to you? What kind of line, could some
one say, what would get your attention?' Jerrick asks.

Cue six seconds of pure silence.

'Good question,' Lochte finally chimes in.

After saying farewell and wishing Lochte luck with his show, even promising to watch, the pair 
broke down in a fit of laughter.

'Seriously, how are they going to get enough material?' Jerrick asks as co-anchor Sheinelle 
Jones falls to pieces next to him."

News Anchor Can’t Stop Laughing after Telling Fart Story

Posted by: Anjanette Cottrell

"Subscribe to my channel."


Reporter Shows His Roots

Posted by: Nigel Nuttcrusher video blog 

"A news reporter catches flies fly in his mouth during a story."

Reporter Quits on-Air

Posted by: Chauncey McDermott 

"Extended version of Charlo Greene's exit from television as she reports on a cannabis voting 
ballot story. At the end of the segment she reveals that she is the owner of the cannabis 'club' 
featured in the segment and calmly announces her resignation from television by saying "Fuck
 it, I quit". The clip shows the full aftermath of the incident, leaving anchor Alexis Fernandez 
struggling to recover from embarrassment."

Who Put that in the Teleprompter?

Creator: OffbeatEarth’s channel

"According to Billy, THAT FUCKING THING SUCKS."

Auto-Tune Remixes:


Posted by: schmoyoho

“After Antoine Dodson, a young hero from Huntsville, AL, saves his sister from an attack, he 
sings an important message both to his community and to the attacker himself. Evan Gregory
 then proceeds to play a heartfelt cover of the resulting song.”

Sweet Brown – Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That (Autotune Remix)

Posted by: theparodyfactory1

“Sweet Brown's incredibly soulful new hit single.”

Dead Giveaway!

Posted by: schmoyoho

“Hero Charles Ramsey melodically recounts the day he heroically helped rescue 3 kidnapped 
Cleveland women”

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