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The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas (1)

Edmond Dantes: sailor, honest, hard-working, respected, confident

I noticed that Danglars doesn’t like Edmond very much, I wonder why?

Why would Danglars try to make Edmond seem like he is not good at what he does as a sailor? It seems like Edmond would make a wonderful captain.

I already dislike the character Danglars because he is trying to make Edmond seem like a bad guy, but he seems like an innocent young man.

M. Morrel is a sympathetic man who sees things for what they are. He is a fair man because he waits to hear both sides of what happened before accusing Dantes of doing something that could or could not have been true.

I think that we can already see the difference between Danglars and Edmond. Edmond is very honest and a good man and Danglars seems to be jealous of Edmond, resulting in Edmond’s promotion to captain, while Danglars stays in the same position. I think this shows that good things come to people that do good.


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