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Sold by Patricia McCormick

A Tin Roof:

By comparing her (Lakshmi) own roof to the neighbor’s roofs, I can tell that her family is poor, and she is cares a lot about her family because she is willing to leave them to work in the city and instead of something for herself she wants to get something to benefit the entire family.

I think Lakshmi wishes that she could have had a father or even a stepfather that was like the other families, instead of her own stepfather.

I think that her step father will sell her to get what he wants. “When he looks, he sees cigarettes and rice beer, a new vest for himself.”

Before Gita Left:

Lakshmi clearly misses her best friend, but can see that what she is doing in the big city (working as a maid) has given Gita’s family a lot of wealth and a better life style.

It seems that Laksmi is longing to have these things like the “tiny glass sun that hangs from a wire in the middle of the ceiling” to make it daytime at night.

Lakshmi wishes that her family had a lot of things, including a better life style and maybe even an easier one.

The New Student

Lakshmi is a caring and loving person.

I think the author wrote in this style so that we can learn a little bit about Lakshmi at a time without having to write everything that happens between the events. It seems like they are memories.

Something Beautiful

Ama is a very hard working person, and looks out for her family.

Lakshmi admires her and wishes that she could do something more to help her mother.

I think Lakshmi finds the strength that her mother has to be the most beautiful part of her and the way that she carries herself.

The Difference Between A Son And A Daughter

We learn something about her culture and how it is difficult to be a girl. She has to do as her stepfather says, not just because he is her stepfather, but because he is a man.

Why does Ama say that they are even lucky to have a man?

Beyond The Himalayas

The setting is described; Lakshmi describes it to be a very beautiful place. It seems like she really loves living in such a beautiful place. She seems to be a very observant person in order to notice all the details that she does.


The women of the village are the ones that have to deal with all of the emotional challenges.

I found it very depressing that they associate certain times with times to bury their children for different reasons.

Why is it that the children cannot withstand these things?

Another Calendar

It is very difficult to survive as a baby or young child in this part of the world since not many babies make it past a year.



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